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SunBonani Media was founded in 2009 under the name Sun Media – Bloemfontein. Over more than a decade, our business has grown to offer specialised services in publishing, graphic design, printing & multimedia. Our staff are highly skilled in their fields and offer a wealth of combined knowledge.

As your trusted media partner we make your content come to life and communicate your products, services, and ideas with impact to your target market. We strive to create an interactive platform where printed and digital communication meet to make sharing knowledge more accessible and the communication thereof impactful. We deliver services to higher education institutions, the corporate and private sectors, both at home and abroad.

Your content is our passion and it is a privilege to bring the world to your doorstep, invoking the true meaning of the word – SunBonani

Our Creative Minds

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Marie-Louise Moolman
Mamotale Tsenoli
Operations & Multi-Media Manager
Lefa Ramaele
Production Co-ordinator

Our Clients

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